Thursday, August 20, 2009

Field Hockey 2009

The field hockey season has begun, and this season there is a new Hintz out on the playing field. Emma Sage is going into second grade this year, and is now 'Officially' our newest player. Even though the kid has had a stick since she was a baby [I have to go find it and take a picture of it, but it is the cutest darn thing small]

Eleven years ago, my friend Alison and I started the Lebanon Township Junior Field Hockey program. Greta was the first 2nd grader in our township to play, we had one 3rd grader [Alison's daughter] and 8 ~ 4th graders [Katrina and my friends daughter Stephanie, and six of their friends] so it has been so wonderful to see the program come full circle for me as Emma Sage is now out on the field.

Emma Sage loves hockey, indoor and field hockey, so she has been so excited all week. Unfortunately, it has been hot and humid, so it does wipe her out a little bit, but she is such a trooper and is all grins on and off the field.

One of the things that has hit me the hardest as I watch my little girl out on the field, is the realization that it seems like yesterday that Greta was my 2nd grader out there playing, and time has moved forward so swiftly and in reality, she is off to college in one week.

The other thing that brought tears to my eyes watching Emma Sage was that one of the few things that I wished and dreamed for after Emma Sage was born and we realized she had Down syndrome was for her to [1. read,,,,,,,that I truly did pray to GOD for and ask that she be given the gift of learning to read] and the other was that she would be able to participate in field hockey and other sports and activities [as sports are such a big part of our lives] so here she is........learning and playing field hockey.

field hockey 355
field hockey 327
field hockey 338

field hockey 321-1

field hockey 309

and in action~*~*~*~*~

and one tired girl ready for a water break:
field hockey 352

I have to go find and scan in pictures of Katrina and Greta at their first practice......


ABandCsMom said...

So awesome that she is following her her big sisters footsteps!
Just curious, what does her shirt say? Looks like one of the girls in a photo is reading Emma Sage's shirt too!

amy flege said...

wow she did great!! iam so impressed!! way to go emma sage!!!

Corey and Steve said...

Those videos are adorable!