Monday, July 13, 2009

What children pick-up......

One of the things that has always amazed me is how children pick-up everything that is going on around them, even if it is in bits and pieces.

A case in point: Emma Sage does not watch regular TV, she can watch the Disney Channel or DVDs, History Channel or her current favorite, The Weather Channel [she is hysterical with that one, as she is now my little weather forecaster!]

But there is TV in the home from time to time [especially if Daddy is home] and it is usually the news.

I had yet to mention the passing of Michael Jackson to Emma Sage.......first, because she truly is moved when she knows someone has died [and why expose her to more death than she has to be aware of] and secondly, I don't think she even knows who Michael Jackson is [I like his music, loved him as a young girl and I know how to do the Thriller Dance.....but that is as far as my fan-ship went] so it just hasn't been discussed here around her.

Well, she comes up to Rick the other night and has tears in her eyes......he asks her "What is the Matter?" and she says, "Jackson died....I really Miss him" He proceeds to say "Michael Jackson?" and she says "Yes, Jackson....he was FIVE" lol!!!

The kid has picked up from the background news programs [and I think now reading the covers of the tabloids at the grocery store [she is becoming a great reader] that a 'Jackson' has died and has figured out he was five because she must have heard 'The Jackson Five' a few times.

Too cute.

So, I sat down with her and explained who 'Michael Jackson' was and she is now learning how to do the 'Thriller Dance' herself!

R.I.P. Michael.....knowing you have a new little fan.


Chris said...

Can't wait for the video of her (and you) doing the Thriller dance. So cute that she thought he was 5 and that it moved her so.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! The context issue! How cute-5?!