Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tis' the Season ~ Raspberry Time

This is the Columbia Trail, that runs from the town I grew up in [High Bridge] up along the river to just north of Califon [where we have lived for the last 22 years, and where Emma Sage's Daddy was born and raised] It used to be a train bed [and when we were younger and out berry picking along the tracks, we would sometimes hop on a freight train that were creeping by.....they went sooooooooooooooooo slow, that you could run faster than they were going]

Now it is this amazing running/hiking/biking/horseback riding trail through one of the most picturesque places I know.

july2009thingsandraspberries 067

So last night, this little Imp and I went down to High Bridge to hop on the trail and berry pick [she also had an ulterior motive, as Gronsky's Milk House is also in High Bridge and she wanted Ice Cream too!!!!
july2009thingsandraspberries 051

And look what we found..........Japanese Winesap Berries.

july2009thingsandraspberries 057

More than you could ever imagine.......just stretched for miles along the trail [we are heading back out today with two big pails and a little more time on our side to pick] Yesterday's trip were eaten as we walked.
july2009thingsandraspberries 054

So sweet and delicious!
july2009thingsandraspberries 056

Yes, this is what you call a Raspberry overload face.......Yummy!!!

july2009thingsandraspberries 061

We then called PopPop and he ordered a Chocolate Ice Cream in a cup and we brought it up to him to finish out a wonderful evening out, just me and my littlest one.

This was taken two years ago, with a little of our bounty from our property. Rick has been busy clearing out all the stone walls around our property, and thus, our berry patches are gone. We have a few left, and I've been rooting the canes as they are cleared out, so hopefully next summer we will only have to walk out our door to pick.
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ABandCsMom said...

You sure do live in some beautiful country!

amy flege said...

yum yum!! i think you hit the jackpot!!I love it when we find those here too!

Cammie Heflin said...

Yum! My Avery is so jealous! His favorite thing to eat is fruit!

Betsy said... very favorite thing in the whole world is summer berries. And they are all that much sweeter when you pick them yourself - fingers stained red and not quite as many in the bucket as actually got picked...

How happy it makes me to see Emma Sage's face as she enjoys them...

My name is Sarah said...

My goodness those berries look yummy!!