Saturday, March 21, 2009

3-21 World Down syndrome Day


Today is a very special is a day to celebrate the triplication of the 21st chromosome, which results in a person being born with Down syndrome, or more appropriately classified as Trisomy 21. Thus the date: 3 - 21

While I have much to say [don't I always] I have little time to sit and collect my thoughts......and you really don't want to read my rambling thoughts as you will get sea-sick on how fragmented I can be [until I have the time to properly sit and 'think']

The sun is little girl is still in P.J.s and in bed, where she has been for almost two weeks now. But she is smiling, she is drawing in her 'dream journal' and watching videos and reading books. She has not regained her energry or desire to 'move, move, move' which is her normal self. [oh and you will laugh, but her dream last night was that I made her 'corned beef' and she ate 10 lbs of!!!!] So for Emma Sage to be in bed for two weeks is so unlike her....

Usually she is just like 'Poetry in Motion'

So, on the venue of poetry I leave you [to go get my hands in the earth and get my gardens ready for the upcoming glory of growing and blooming and fruiting...of giving forth bounty to nourish my families bodies and souls] with a poem.

My dear friend Amy is part of a poetry group and had requested in a project to have this date to share her poem [in honor of her beautiful Stella who is Emma Sage's friend and also sports that designer gene on her 21st pair]

So please click on this link and read the words my friend has penned.

Audacious: An Acrostic

Enjoy this glorious day........and celebrate Trisomy 21.


Kim Ayres said...

Happy WDSD:)

starr said...

I love that poem, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.... Happy Day!

Amy said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my poem, Tara! I hope Emma is fully recovered.... Yikes!