Saturday, February 07, 2009


My Katrina is a head couselor and my Greta is a couselor at Camp PALS and Miss Emma Sage is a camp MASCOT!!!!!

If you have a teenager or young adult with Down syndrome, we highly recommend the Camp PALS experience. Emma Sage is counting down the years till she can be an 'offical' camper. We are hoping that she has the opportunity again this year to spend the night and 'pretend' to be a camper.


Anonymous said...

I hope they are still there by the time mine is a teenager!

Kleidy said...

What a GREAT CAMP!!!

It's AWESOME that Emma, Katrina and Greta have the privilege to be part of Camp PALS. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they have something like that in Australia - I would love to volunteer!

I bet Katrina, Greta and Emma Sage will have a great time at Camp Pals again this year!