Friday, January 30, 2009

Her Note.....

This child is just too funny. She loves to read and write [what a glorious thing] and she has been into writing 'notes' lately.....I find them everywhere.

This is what I found you think she is feeling better? [she has had a stomach bug and hasn't really kept food down, and I've not been out to the store, so we are running out of basicis.....I guess she figured she'd leave me a note so I didn't forget we need food.

Her Note

Now bless her little soul....the soda is really for her Momma, as I love Fresca, and we've been out for a few days, so I've been drinking way too much coffee!

The cool thing is that she is really getting good at spelling. A month or so ago, 'Ice Cream' was spelt 'Ice Creem' so she is really learning lots!!!!

Thanks for sharing in my joy!!!!! These notes truly tickle me pink!


rebecca said...

what a sweet little list for your very sweet little girl.

Lovin Mama said...

I love the "notes" stage. My 7 yo is always leaving them around. Your little girl is quite the speller!

Anonymous said...

How absolutely precious! :) :) :)
What a clever girl too - I noticed that she'd spelt "Ice Cream" correctly! :)


JennyH said...

Wow! She has great notes. My 5 year old is starting this but Max is nowhere near that stage. I'm sure girls are more into than boys though. I am so impressed by her writing, spelling and list making!!

Miss Magic said...

Soda...Tara Marie, you have really let some of the those healthy eating/organic practice fall away, eh? Ummm... 'splain yourself Earth Mother...bahhhh

Marcie said...

Livija scribbles "notes" which are literally 3 year old scribbles. She narrates and will tell me she is making a list of what we need. Pickles is always the first on the list.
Emma is a smart little girl. I hope you are saving these notes!

Nan P. said...

That is so nice... How could you forget anything after that?