Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Child is this........

Christmas is my most favorite time of year.

It is a time of celebrating the birth of a baby......

Come see the celebrations of these precious babies who have found their forever families through Reece's Rainbow. [come click this link and see the joy of these children and their new families]

This year, I gave myself the gift of donating to a few of these very special children's accounts that are still waiting for their forever families. If you have a little extra to spend and want to give a gift........of a child, I encourage you to find your way to Reece's Rainbow.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the great links! I'm interested in adoption, but know there are countries that don't adopt to single parents. I'm also hesitant, to be honest, to "take on" a child outside my experience zone by myself, with no support at all.

I can foresee lots of reading in my future!