Friday, December 05, 2008

Well, I'm behind.....

so far behind on life, posting and it to the fullest, just not enough time to pause and update here. [and boy do I have things to post,,,,,pictures, activities, firsts, seconds and everyday joys [and funnies]]

But here is one funny for you:

A few weeks ago [OK, this part is not funny, it is quite scary] Greta ended up in the ER because of a severe allergic reaction to Mango's. She had a reaction a year ago to the skins [she was peeling them and reacted] but this time, she wasn't thinking about Mango's being in the tropical fruit smoothy she ordered out at the cafe' with friends and within a short while, she was covered in hives and her breathing became difficult. Thank goodness she was fine, the ER gave her two shots and she now carries an Epi-pen.

Well, last weekend [this is the funny part] Emma Sage was hanging out with her sister, and she wanted to do something and Greta told her "NO".....

Little Miss did not like that answer and replied "Well, I'm going to put Mango's in your Mouth!"

Oh my.....for a sweet little imp, she can be quite devilish!!!!

as a Momma, I have to chuckle at the thought process involved in this comment [even though it was mean and could be very dangerous] my little girl remembers and knows that her action could cause a reaction [no pun intended] and thus used it to retaliate her sister and her "NO".


Kim Ayres said...

Now that's cunning :)

JennyH said...

She is so smart!!
Glad Greta was fine though. That would be scary.