Thursday, December 11, 2008

One of my favorite

writers on the topic of Disability Advocacy and Awareness is a man by the name of David Hingsburger at 'Chewing the Fat'.

Well, he has a piece up called 'The Storey Man' and it is a must read, really it is.

You see, David writes about meeting a young man named Steven Storey and how he views disability [his to be exact] and other wonderful things. The first thing that made me smile from ear to ear is the photograph of Steven, as he is holding a pint.

Now I know you might think that is a funny thing to make me smile, but it is........because that was one of the weird things that crossed my mind when I was pregnant with Emma Sage [yes, pregnant] was the fact that I wondered if she would ever grow up to enjoy a glass of wine or a nice cold beer [or follow in her Momma's footsteps and have a passion for a Margarita once in a while] For some strange reason, I always had this misconception that people with disabilities didn't drink. Don't ask me how that misconception crept into my mind, but it was there. The other big misconception I held was on the topic of S.E.X........yes, for some strange reason I'm a prude. lol!! Actually I'm not, but the thought of a healthy physical and emotional relationship was another topic that I really never thought about for Emma Sage given her diagnosis of Down syndrome. See how much I have learned in 7 short years!!!!!!

The rest of the story will touch you in many me, it is so worth clicking on this link and taking a few minutes for a great and very insightful read. ~The Storey Man


Amy said...

I loved this post, too - for the same reason! I can just see our girls getting together for margaritas one day...

Becca said...

Yes, I agree--I loved Dave's Storey Man post, too. I had very similar thoughts (although mine involved Samantha never wanting to borrow my clothes, go to a museum, travel, etc.) when I got the diagnosis of Ds, not knowing anything else at the time. I certainly know better now, and also look forward to the well-rounded, interesting person my daughter will become!