Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Joy.......

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This was taken last weekend at the Welcome King Winter Celebration at the RiverValley Waldorf School.....I have many more images and moments to share, but alas, time is of the essence. Enjoy one of the main sources of my JOY.....this little girl just loves music and to dance.

Oh, the leg movements......she wants to be an Ice Princess [ice skater] so that is what she is doing...skater twirls and leg in the air moves [just incase you were wondering! lol!!!]


Kristy said...

I LOVE IT! She is a great dancer! She really has "the move" doesn't she!
Thanks for sharing this!

Cleo said...

Emma Sage is absolutely AMAZING!!!, I LOVE her moves . It is so wonderful that she enjoys music so much. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video Tara!!!, I’m still smiling because of it, my heart is happy :). Very Best ~

Becca said...

She is an amazing little dancer! Great video.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little dancer you've got there, Tara Marie!! I can definitely see the 'ice princess' moves too!
May Emma Sage always have the love of music in her life :)


All 4 My Gals said...

Oh so precious!