Saturday, December 06, 2008

A must read.......

This columnist touches upon many things that I is an article in response to an article that appalled me [on many levels] and I'm so thankful that this journalist had the eloquence and words that I could not find in response.

The Sunday Times
December 7, 2008

You forgot about love when it comes to Downs Syndrome, Minette Marrin
When a fellow columnist argued that babies with Down’s should be aborted, India Knight, who has a disabled child, was outraged


tara @ kidz said...

I came across your blog through praying for parker's blog and I'm glad I did. I loved this article. I am so glad that there are people out there who are willing to make a stand for what is right. I am grateful I read Emma Sage's birth story. It touched me in a very real way. I am wondering if I could have your permission to share that story and linking people to your blog on my site - kidz - where we celebrate the lives and lessons of special needs children. Let me know. Much love to you and yours. Thank you for sharing and spreading hope and love to my heart!

Anonymous said...

People have some bizarre ideas! I work with "damaged "families every day and you know what- none of them has a child with Down Syndrome.

Nick McGivney said...

Minette Marin is a damaged woman herself, but it's impossible not to be upset when someone like her, with a public platform like she has, starts spouting nonsense. You might enjoy me blowing off steam about it here.
Your girl is beautiful btw, and I'm in awe of all the work you're doing to educate her. It's obviously working, and it's inspirational.