Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hunterdon/Warren Field Hockey Champions

Well, this has been an incredible week....[with events and emotions ranging all over the spectrum]

Two years ago I wrote this post: Hunterdon/Warren Field Hockey Champs

and then last year, I wrote this post: Hunterdon/Warren Field Hockey Champions

and now today, I write: Hunterdon/Warren Field Hockey Champions for the 3rd Straight Year [and a new tournament record]

Voorhees High School beats Warren Hills 1 to 0

and the MPV of the game......................

Our dear, sweet.....
Greta Hintz

Two years ago, the MVP was Greta's cousin, Erica Hintz [who is playing division one Field Hockey at Rider University.......

How amazing and wonderful this have two of our our girls as part of the history of Voorhees Field Hockey and for both to be chosen MPV of the game.

and in the above picture, one of the teams great FANS, Grammy. The girls are blessed to have many fans....parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, who have been at every game cheering the girls on.

This was one of the best games I have ever seen on the high school level....both teams are phenomenal in their stick work and team work. This was truly the elite of high school field hockey this afternoon. Just incredible!

The girls also had a big game on Thursday, which placed them as the Group Champions in their division and on Monday the start of the State Playoffs begins.

If you can send off well wishes on Monday at 2 p.m., I know that there is a team of dedicated, hardworking and tenacious girls who would greatly appreciated them.

Congratulations Girls........Yeah Vikes!!!!!!!!!


jessica @ raising joey said...

That's awesome!!! Congrats Greta!!

My name is Sarah said...

Great job Greta. Looks like Emma Sage is really proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Greta and to the entire team! :)


Corey and Steve said...

Even as a former member of the Warren Hills Field Hockey team, I must congratulate Greta! :) Great job, cousin!

Bernadette said...

Way to go Greta looks like you have a very proud Mom and Dad and little Sister. Grandma looks pretty happy also. Congratulations
Love Bernadette

ntmjbmom said...

Congrats to Greta and Team!!!!!!!!!!

All 4 My Gals said...

Congrats Greta!

Anonymous said...

Congrats team for a job well done
3X over and for the newest MVP. Way to go, Greta!!!

Aunt Jan