Friday, October 03, 2008

Today we has a special visitor......

Emma Sage's teacher, Mrs. Pupa came to visit.

She brought with her the butterfly house, with two Chrysalis still waiting for the butterfly to emerge.....and it looks like one might just might emerge this weekend [how cool is that]. Mrs. Pupa asked Emma Sage if she would like to babysit the butterfly house [which she happily agreed] and she also brought with her the following..........

Emma Sage has been so excited to read all of her 'Get Well, We Miss You' cards.......How precious is this?

Thank you Mrs. Pupa's and Ms. Weiss's Class.....Emma Sage Misses you all also!!!


My name is Sarah said...

Hi Emma Sage, I really like all of your cards. You have nice classmates.

Cleo said...

That's so sweet!!!. :)

JennyH said...

Aren't kids the sweetest?!! Max had the huge groups as cards as well. I have that post scheduled to post soon.

I hope she gets to watch the butterfly emerge- how cool would that be!

Anonymous said...

What lovely cards for a lovely girl! :) I hope Miss Emma Sage is feeling much better and is getting lots of ice cream to soothe her throat! :)


Traci said...

How sweet! I hope that she is feeling better too!