Monday, October 06, 2008

One of my favorite writers on the topic of disabilities is a gentleman named, Dave Hingsburger. He has a blog called 'Chewing the Fat'.

He has a recent post that touched me is called 'Choices Indeed'

One of the things that I take seriously as Emma Sage's Mother, is that I raise her to be able to one day raise her own speak her thoughts, opinions, ideas. To follow HER dreams........and reading this piece, my hopes are that she has the same spirit as this young man.

I highly recommend your book marking 'Chewing the Fat' as it is always and enlightening read.

Thank you Dave.....and thank you David Ash!!!!!


Cleo said...

I’m also deeply moved by David’s mission “to tell the world that it was OK to have Down Syndrome and, gasp, that it was OK to be born that way”. Emma Sage has that same spirit and with your encouragement she will speak up for herself and will make her dreams come true ~ . Thank you for posting about David’s purpose and Dave’s blog Tara. =)

Jessica said...

I love Dave's blog too...and yours! I nominated you for an award on my blog.