Friday, October 10, 2008

31 for 21

Emma Sage loves going to her sister's field hockey games....which was a great one today. They beat Warren Hills 3 to 1 [after a horrible upset a few weeks ago, where the referee's were terrible, actually it was just one whom the other referee agreed made calls that were unfair and biased......but that was then and this is now....Put these girls on a field with fair referees and they prove themselves over and over again]

Here is Emma Sage running down to see her sister after the game.......

I just love how her siblings adore her.

One of the things that I always wonder about is ~ the position of those that support eugenics and the termination of unborn babies diagnosed in-utero with Down syndrome and their comments on Internet message boards that "You need to think of your other children and how negatively this baby will impact their lives".....

Well, we are living proof here to say that ~ that worry is non-existent in our home. Emma Sage's siblings adore her, have matured and grown into amazing young adults [and one pre-teenager] and celebrate her Down syndrome....and celebrate her being their sister.


My name is Sarah said...

Hi Tara Marie, Wonderful post. Your girls are all so beautiful. This is Joyce. Sibling support has become my passion. Sarah's scholarship at Ohio State each year will go to a social worker supervised by Dr. Tom Fish, a leading researcher in the subject of the siblings. My boys lives are so much richer for the experience. It is such a shame that not all can see the amazing bond that develops. Last year when TJ was hit by a semi on the freeway, the first thing he said to me when I got to the hospital was, "Mom when I saw the truck coming at me all I could think was I can't die before Sarah, she needs me." At that moment I realized how powerful the sibling connection is.

Anonymous said...

People are full of such silly nonsense- very ignorant! She is so darn cute!And thanks for the beautiful overview- a model- that explains the flair for clothes! I often wish my daughter had some siblings since I think she would learn so much from them and certainly she is a positive glutton for kids!!

Cleo said...

Thank you for this lovely post Tara!!!. I "know" that loving an individual with Down syndrome is an amazing experience that has a big and POSITIVE impact in the lives of their immediate and extended family and also in the life of any person who has the honor to meet such beautiful souls. ~

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's getting abit chilly there, Tara Marie! Emma Sage isn't wearing summer clothes anymore! It's strange, as we're just heading into summer here and boy is it getting hot!

The bond Emma Sage has with Greta (and also with Katrina and Otto) is beautiful to see in the photos that you share :) You have such a gift for photography too!


Anonymous said...

Not only is she a joy to her siblings,she is also a joy to our entire family.
We think no different of her than any of the other cousins.
Of course, she is very special to all of us! :)
Speaking as one of her older cousins ( I am Rick's cousin, Linda) we love her to pieces!!! :)