Saturday, October 11, 2008

31 for 21

I have been fall cleaning....something that needs to be done. Not dusting or such, I do that everyday. But cleaning of my stuff. ~ as you see, I am a pack rat. I can't let go of things that have been given to me from others [especially things that my dear Mother gave me] and this includes every note, card, picture I have received over the coarse of the last 44 years. Yes, I have every one tucked away. On top of that, I have, upon book. [and yes, you are thinking, "but you take about dozens of books every week from the library", and I do] but I also have books that I have collected through the years.

So I'm cleaning. Something that needs to be done in a tiny house, and something that is challenging me to 'let go' so I can be free to adopt the 'Be ~ Do ~ Have' paradigm of life. [Whilst cleaning I cam across my “Conversations with God” books by Neale Donald Walsch.

This is how Emma Sage lives.....she has things, but she is not extremely connected to them as I am....she is rather a more 'here in the present' type person. She would rather by doing or giving, than receiving.

and this image brought me to that place of 'being'..........


Anonymous said...

You have a lot of beautiful pictures. Isn't it great to look through them every so often?

Tara Marie said...

Thanks is, and that makes my 'sorting' through so difficult, because I pause to reflect too often.

I love photographs, I have since the first time I saw one. I recall it was an image in National Geographic and I was hooked on the power of capturing light, shadows, moments in time on film.

Cleo said...

Lovely picture Tara!!!. Emma Sage's wisdom is fascinating, to be able to be in the now, to know the secret of letting go, she is such a blessing ~ . Love the CWG books. =)