Thursday, October 30, 2008

31 for 21

Where you lead, I will follow........

My little Viking, heading to her sister's field hockey game.

This journey she is taking us on has been one amazing journey so far......and I look forward to where it will lead.

Words have been escaping me today. So, I leave you with this image.

Emma Sage has a Viking soul, be prepared to see where her spirit takes her, as I know she will travel wide and far, and even if she does not get very far from home, the journey will be well lived and experienced. [and I'm excited to be along for the ride!]


Cleo said...

Tara, Emma Sage's beautiful soul and courageous spirit will be your best guides ~

My name is Sarah said...

Tara, this is Joyce. I am just catching up on your last few posts and my heart is heavy with you and your community. By profession I am a social worker and know just how tragic this is for all involved. It is so important for the teens to have open outlets of communication and it sounds as though your home is a safe haven for them, which I am not surprised as your heart is so kind and nurturing.

I posted today a story on how Sarah and I entered this blogosphere and I want to thank you for your role in our being here. I'm not sure that I can adequately describe in words how healing this has been for me and what an uplift it has been for Sarah, so thank you for having such a wonderful site that captured my interest enough to continue our journey.