Saturday, October 25, 2008

31 for 21

The other day, Emma Sage, says to me...."I love Mike"

So I ask?, "Is Mike a friend from school?"

"No" she replies...."your brother Mike"

laughing I say, "You mean your Uncle Mikey"......

"Yes, your brother, my Uncle" she responds.

Still laughing, I ask her if she wants to call him and tell him that.

She does, and she calls.....leaving a cute [but I do believe an intelliable message on the other end] as tonight she gives Uncle Mike a big hug and ask's "Why didn't you call me back?"

Aunt Victoria thought it was Emma Sage but the connection was bad [as we used the cell phone and the headset that does not fit on Emma Sage's ear properly and she had to hold it up, covering up the mouth piece section] so Victoria *69'd the number and got our cell number which did not ring a bell with her so she figured it was a mistaken call [thus, no call back to Emma Sage]

It is so wonderful how Emma Sage adores her family [we spent a lovely evening tonight at my sister's as it was her hubby's birthday and the cousins just played and played.

Here is Emma Sage with her beloved Uncle Mikey....

What is also so very precious, is that she talks about my brother Kenny often. She does not know the circumstances of his tragic death....she just knows that he has died. She always will tell me that she 'Loves Uncle Kenny, too" when she is talking about Uncle Mikey.

My brother Kenny passed away a week after Emma Sage was born. He only got to see a photograph of her. I so wish he had the opportunity to hold her.....and to watch her grow. You see, my brother Kenny always rooted for the 'Under dog' and he would have adored Emma Sage.

Old picture of Uncle Kenny, RIP
This is an old picture of 'Uncle Kenny' holding up the world!!!!


kayla said...

great blog some how i found you when i was looking for stuff on our son and his birth defect on esophageal atresia such a great blog site you have i wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Tears are clouding my eyes as I type. Hugs to you all.
Love, Aunt Jan

Cleo said...

Emma Sage is so sweet and adorable ~

My name is Sarah said...

Very cute Emma Sage. I'm glad you have your Uncle Mike.