Friday, October 24, 2008

31 for 21

The Golden Chromosome.....[I really like the title of that award!]

Litchfield man with Down syndrome who was the first person with Down's syndrome to complete the London Marathon has been honoured with a special award from Germany.

Simon Beresford collected The Golden Chromosome award on one of his increasingly frequent visits to the country.

He has now completed the Berlin Marathon twice among his many achievements.
And his inspiration kick-started a pioneering running club for Germans with Down's, which ran the marathon for the first time this year alongside Simon.........................[click above link to read the whole inspiring story!]

Wow........I just love reading articles like this.

What strikes me the most about these types of articles is this fact: How many of us here, reading right now have accomplished such a goal? Running a marathon is on my life list. I'm working on completing a 1/2 marathon know, baby steps. lol!!!

So, when I read about people with Down syndrome, setting goals, working hard, and then achieving heart just about leaps out of my chest. Because in actuality, that is all I truly wish for all of my children. Is that they have dreams, set goals, work hard towards those goals, and by the Grace of GOD.....they achieve some of their dreams.

To me, that is the beauty of life. Something as simple as that. Dreaming, working, reaching and hopefully achieving that dream. What ever it may be.


Chris said...

What a great story!

Yes, that is what I want for my kids too. Have a dream and work hard to achieve it. I guess with John I just worry that the Ds will stand in the way of him being able to reach his dreams. I need to worry less and believe more. Worry less, believe more.

Cleo said...

Thank you for sharing Simon's amazing story!!!. Tara, I believe with all my heart that individuals with Ds can have happy and fulfilling lives, their potential is infinite.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Chris!!! that is a good mantra, worry less, believe more!

Hello Cleo!!!

I agree, and I think that the biggest thing for everyone to remember is that dreams are dream is not your dream, as well as my dreams are not my children's dreams. Some dreams are big, some are small....but what is important is that if it is important to the indvidual to fullfill that dream, that they reach and try........that is the beauty....the doing. The end result is wonderful, but the process is just as delicious!!!!

I wanted to say "Thank you" to all of you who visit and comment. I don't always get the chance to post on my comments, but I have to tell you that the first thing I do on my inbox is to look for comments, as they are great for my soul!!!!!

So to you my readers....thank you!!!