Friday, September 05, 2008

This afternoon, I was waiting for the bus and as it pulled up, I noticed that Emma Sage was not in the front seat as she had been all week [I had suggested that would be a good placement so the driver could watch her closely and she could chat with the driver]

I look and she is in the third row and smiling and waving excitedly at me.

The bus driver opens the door and must have seen my expression, because she goes to me....

"I hope you don't mind, but Alexandra asked if Emma Sage could sit with her, as they are in the same class and Emma Sage said she would love too!"

I smile a huge smile and say "No, I don't mind at all....THANK YOU!!!"

and the other cute thing is that after the kids get off the bus [at our stop there is from 5 to 7 on average that get off] all week the kids have been waving and yelling "Good-bye Emma!"

So, the end of the first 'full' week [minus Monday for Labor Day] it has been wonderful.

Her Friday folder had all her work with nice notes and the little note for the week was "Emma Sage is just delightful and LOVES to participate in class!" [[That's my girl!!!]]

So......I will breathe a sigh of relief and pray that the next 10 months go as well.


My name is Sarah said...

I have been reading about Emma Sage for a few weeks. She is so cute. I graduated from high school this year. My mom is helping me set up a blog so I can tell my story. Emma might like to see it.

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful!
I'm very glad she's enjoying school and riding the bus! :) :) :)

datri said...

That is so beautiful! I'd have a huge smile on my face, too!

corey said...

So glad to hear that Emma's first week at school went well. I'm sure those are just the first of many new friends she will make along the way!

Chris said...

Not surprised at all to hear that Emma is becoming Miss Popular!

I have no doubt that the next 10 months will be nothing less than fantastic.