Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Name is Sarah

Emma Sage has added a link to her blog list.

I urge all of you to go visit My name is Sarah and read her first blog entry.

Sarah left a comment for Emma Sage and I, under her Day of Firsts.....and shared with us the link to her blog.

When I clicked over, my heart just leaped out of my chest, as I read the accounts and saw the photographs of Sarah's high school graduation.

Here my baby girl was just beginning her public school journey, and there was Sarah finishing up her public school journey.

My most sincere wish in this world ~ is to watch Emma Sage make a similar blog entry in 12 years, as she uploads the pictures of her graduation and tells of her high school journey!!!

To be inspired, come click on this link and go meet, My name is Sarah!!!!


Cleo said...

Thank you so much Tara for sharing Sarah's blog. I'm going to be visiting her blog on a daily basis. I also wish for Emma Sage to be writing her own blog so I can add it to my favorites. Best :D

My name is Sarah said...

Hi. This is Sarah. Thank you for your kind words. I am writing about prom now. I will post it soon. I think you will like it. Say hi to Emma Sage for me.