Monday, August 25, 2008

My Godmother, Bernadette, sent me this beautiful link and I just had to share.

Of coarse you know I had tears streaming down my face when I watched it, as the sweet memories of my beautiful Mother came flooding back to me whilst watching.

My father-in-law, Otto, had always said he wished he could have traveled to Ireland with my Mother and his wife, Lorraine, to see Ireland through the eyes of my Mother and her family.

We are planning on doing that next summer......the whole family are going to travel to Ireland for the World Down syndrome Congress in Dublin.

Enjoy this beautiful piece titled 'An Irish Blessing'........may we all be blessed with this wisdom.

Irish Blessing Link


Christina said...

Nice. Peaceful.

oooo maybe we can meet, we are hoping to pop on over to Ireland next summer too!!!!

Hugs fr Austria

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen
Big Hugs,
Aunt Jan

Patti said...

Sobbing here too. I've really been missing mom so much lately. It's too hard sometimes.