Saturday, July 12, 2008


We arrived in Boston safely and only about a half hour longer than our estimated time of arrival because of some traffic. One thing I noticed was that people in Conneticut do not know how to drive. The traffic had no rhyme or only took one or two brake lights to go on and the traffic came to a snarl before it would release and start flowing again. Very, very frustrating.

We are staying at the Boston Westin Waterfront, a beautiful hotel overlooking the Boston harbor.

After we had checked in, Otto, Emma Sage and I had to run down to our car to get somethings. On the way back up to our room the funniest thing happened.

We were waiting for the elevator and there were a few guests also waiting to go up to their rooms.

As we entered the elevator behind a group of people, I asked Emma Sage to push button number 9.....which she gladly did. After she pushed 9, a teenager on the elevator [who also happened to be sporting an extra chromosome] put his hand up to give Emma Sage a 'high-five' she goes to give him a 'high-five' she looks at him and exclaims quite loudly....

"Hey, you have Down syndrome JUST like me"

We all chuckled in the elevator as it was just too darn cute. The other teenagers/young adults with this boy were laughing at how sweet this encounter was.

and of coarse....I start to tear up, as the emotions of attending this conference come gushing foreward.

If you have never been to a National Down syndrome convention, I highly recommend it. There is such an aura and incredible feeling being around so many people [of all ages] with T21.......a very powerful experience.

and 'hey' little girl recognized someone who had something in common with her!!!!


Michelle said...

hi! I am here too. I forgot you were coming. You and I were supposed to finally meet. I am in 1709, if you would like to give me a call. I will look for you today. Oh, and we brought a HUGE bag of outgrowns to give away, and did so last night, if only I had known!!

akakarma said...

I'm very jealous! And happy for you too. How sweet is that! I've driven up and down that New Haven/Hartford/Boston route countless times and Connecticut is the absolute worst- worse than the famous aggressive Boston drivers, worse than the skillful but rude NY drivers- just bad, not skillful, don't have a clue driving!(Sorry to all from CT- but it's the truth, as measured by the road).

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara Marie!

Hope you and miss Emma Sage are having a lovely time in Boston! :)

It must be such a special experience to be surround by so many T21 friends! :)

Enjoy the rest of your time there.


McKenna said...

It was so great to meet you in the hotel lobby! Emma Sage could not be more beautiful!

amy flege said...

It was so great getting to meet you and all your kids in person! You have a wonderful family, Tara Marie!!! Hugs!



mom2noah said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Boston. Sorry to hear about the suitcase, Emma Sage still look beautiful in all the pictures I have seen. Thanks for sharing her experience in the elevator, stories like that just warm my heart.

Mauzy said...

It was so good to see you all again! And I hope the wine off my arm was tasty HA