Wednesday, May 14, 2008

While in need to do Spring Things....

Like catch Polliwogs in the pond and watch them grow...into frogs.

Oh, the Polliwog is woggling
In his pleasant native bog
With his beady eyes a-goggling
Through the underwater fog
And his busy tail a-joggling
And his eager head agog-
Just a happy little frogling
Who is bound to be a frog.

Arthur Gutterman


Catching some tadpoles.....and yes, my poor child still has plumbers butt-----she just has no hips to keep up her jeans


She has no fear, only curiosity and has been loving watching and feeding her polliwogs



Emma Sage is fasinated by these little creatures....we went to the library and took out a bunch of books on frogs [she now knows that they are amphibians] and YES, the dog [Lucy] thinks they are fresh sushi!!! She ate a few before we could get them into the fish tank to watch the polliwog cycle up close. We were late this year and didn't find any egg sacks




raising joey said...

Great pictures! That plumbers butt is too cute! I have that same problem sometimes, lol! I am so happy spring is upon us!

akakarma said...

crack girl we call mine!:)It's a challenge, especially when she doesn't seem to notice...
Cute pix!

Chris said...

Hey, low hung jeans are the rage--just as long as she has some cute panties peeking through--Emma Sage is always so fashionable.

She is so beautiful. Thanking for sharing her. Whenever I'm feel a bit down about Down syndrome, visiting your blog and seeing Emma Sage, so in love with life, always puts a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!
You can just see how much Emma Sage enjoys her little slimey friends! :)
I've never heard of calling them polliwogs before! :D


melody is slurping life said...

Emma Sage is the most adorable "polliwog" of all. Thanks for sharing her.