Friday, May 16, 2008

Childhood is calling....

Blowing bubbles....what the greatest thing about bubbles is that you can do this activity both outside and in....and during a bath is the most fun, as they stay around for a long, long time

Flying a kite....the one great thing about an upcoming storm [and having rainy days to keep you inside] is the wind that comes along with the cold yesterday, Emma Sage was busy flying the kite that she got for her birthday from her is such a cool kite, as it is a parafoil [like my old parachute] and it rolls up into a little bag [so we can take it everywhere with us] is called a pocket kite!


and what could be more fun that checking up on your tadpoles.....Emma Sage has been so fascinated with our little friends.


and look at this one....his [or her] back legs are starting to emerge.....
DSC09870 be a child!!!

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Marcie said...

The other great thing about bubbles is that you never outgrow them.