Saturday, February 23, 2008

Floor Hockey Season has begun!

Emma Sage just loves to play sports.

So we signed her up for Indoor Floor Hockey at the YMCA. Today was her first practice/game.

She had a blast....she knows 'hockey' from watching her sisters play Field Hockey, and she has great stick control from playing with her own little field hockey stick and on the floor today, she had so much fun!

This was the little 'pow-wow' they had before the game [just after their half-hour of instruction]

Tenacity....this little girl kept her own with all the boys....she was right there in the thick of it all......this was also her 'first' goal as the group of them got it in the goal at this point!!!!

Her favorite part was giving 'high-fives' after they scored [for her it didn't matter which team......a goal and she was all thumbs-up and high-five'ing it!!!]

and my favorite picture of the day........Pure Delight!!!!
Pure Joy

So, you will know where we are for the next 8 the YMCA having a great time!


Anonymous said...

That last picture is just delightful! Go Miss Emma Sage!!!


Kari said...

Beautiful face. Go get Emma Sage!!

Anonymous said...

I love that smile!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Love it..she looks so happy.