Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sleeping with my cellphone

We have a fan......a serious Hannah Montana fan.

Emma Sage believed that Hannah Montana was going to call her [not sure how she came to that conclusion] but she went for her nap with the cell phone clasped in her hands.

I quickly called Katrina at college and told her about this 'idea' Emma Sage had come to.

Well, guess who called Emma Sage? Yes, 'Hannah Montana'..........apparently she must have been [or a dear friend who had a great southern accent] called Emma Sage from Flagler College and my little girl was on cloud nine!!!!!

Thank you Katrina and your sweet made a little girl so very happy!!!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

How cute! I wonder where she did get that idea. Love the pic, too!

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Marcie said...

That is so sweet. Can Katrina's friend do a good Cinderella? that is Livija's current obsession.
I'm going right now to wash her "Cinderella jammies" so she can wear them to bed tonight. AGAIN.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Awww that's so sweet!!! Friends are the best!

Anonymous said...

As much as I really admire you for the love you feel for your child, I have such strong feelings of being around down syndrome kids. It feels so uncomfortable to me. I would definitely have had an abortion myself. To have that dependence towards me for the rest of my life - ugh!

However, you certainly show the love you feel very openly, and I resonate with that.

Neurotic Att'y said...

What a sweet gesture! You really do seem to have the sweetest, most loving kids! You and Rick are so ALL of your kids (no matter what some others might think).

Anonymous said...

I am trying to think what good that commenter thought she would be doing by making that post. Emma Sage's mother didn't get an abortion, and obviously didn't want one, so what good is it to say that you would have aborted someone's kid if it had been yours? I have been having difficulty finding a job to support myself due to my lack of social skills, and that is not something that would have shown up on a sonogram. Having a kid is the luck of the draw, and there are a lot of down syndrome adults who live independently from their parents.

Kim Ayres said...

That is so wonderful :)

Nicole said...

I love your beautiful, smart and funny girl. What joy your family exudes!

Mauzy said...


And anonymous, it's a good thing that ignorance isn't prenatally diagnosed.

Most adults with Down syndrome will not be dependant upon their parents. I know mine won't be but I hope he is! Neither will this young man.

It's so sad you are so uninformed as many babies diagnosed with Ds are terminated because of uneducated, outdated, and judgmental attitudes and mentalities such as yours.

Betsy said...


These last few days of pictures of Emma Sage have been so, so beautiful...she is so sweet and so peaceful, and she just radiates sheer joy.

How lucky she is to know that she will always be able to count on you, and her family, to love and support her, regardless of her level of independence.

As parents, our love for our children should be unconditional; we should always be that soft place for our kids to fall, no matter what their chromosome count is.

I want my children to know they can count on me forever.

Unfortunately, many people jump into this parenting business with crazy ideas of perfection and think that a simple diagnostic prenatal test will give them some sort of guarantee of that perfection.

How very much they have to learn...and how very lucky are those of us who have been given the tools to learn those incredible lessons.

I wrote a post about "freedom" from my children some time ago:

Love you,


Betsy said...

oops sorry, I don't think my link posted:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of your sleeping princess! I bet she was SO excited to have the phone call from "Hannah Montanna" :D

The picture of Emma Sage with the bubbles is also magical - what a truly delightful little girl you have!!!

Lots of love,
Allie (from Australia)

Beth said...

That is awesome!! I'm with Marcie - my 2 1/2 year old loves all the Disney Princesses...What a great friend to call Emma Sage!