Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Waste-free Lunches

Otto has been joining me in my quest for optimal health. He used to love to buy school lunches [I think it was because his friends did and they thought it was cool]

but since we have been on a quest for optimal health and fitness in our home [I have lost 53lbs to date and have a goal of 45lbs more] he has been taking lunches [this makes this Momma happy, as his sister's always bring/brought lunch] and I found this lunch box and concept wonderful. It is called 'Waste-Free Lunches' and the reuseable lunchbox is located at Laptop Lunches.


Kari said...

Chanelle's school encourages wasteless lunches too. They sent home containers to all the children in her school to encourage the students and parents. I think it is wonderful!

Neurotic Att'y said...

Wow, Tara! Good for you!!! I never did catch on to the running thing, so my weight loss has been kind of stymied.

I admit that I am guilty of taking my lunch in plastic baggies, but I've been re-using them since I often take things like pretzels and PB sandwiches, which don't carry a risk of bacterial contamination. Still, it is pretty wasteful.