Sunday, December 09, 2007

Heart & Hands

What is it about the hands that can tug on the heartstrings.......

Heart & Hands from flickrtoys

Well, if it is the hands of your child, you know exactly what it a beautiful essay at Bits-Of-Besty, go read one of the most moving essays on hands I have ever read.

This weekend I had a beautiful moment that dealt with the precious hand of a child with Trisomy 21....

Greta and I took Emma Sage to a festival at the River Valley Waldorf School that is not too far from our home.

In one of the rooms, Emma Sage had just sat down to work on a felt project. I had just finished taking a few pictures of her [like you wouldn't have guessed that] and was stepping back towards the door, when the most precious pinky caught my attention. My heart paused and I looked closer at this little cherub of a hand drapped over her Mother's shoulder.

I knew that pinky........

I quickly spin around to look at that little girls face......and a smile comes across my face. I was right......that was one special litle pinky and it belong to a sweet little girl who was sporting a little bit extra like my Emma Sage.

The Mother must have sensed my interest and was curious at my actions......until she looked over at my little girl who was smiling and waving at me.......and the Mother turned back to me and gave me a huge smile back.

No words were exchanged....but we knew, we were sisters on a very beautiful journey.


Sunny said...

What a beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing it!

Kris said...

A beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing it with us today! Sisters indeed!
Kris & Jennfer