Monday, November 05, 2007

Teen Possibles

My GodMother lives in Nova Scotia......she and my Mother were the dearest of friends.

When I saw this group, I realized that Emma Sage and I needed to head north and visit Bernadette soon and that I needed to look into forming such a similar group here, so that Emma Sage and her friends can have a cool weekly activity like this as she reaches her teen years.

Take a quick look at this Teen Group.....It will make you smile.

Teen Possibles [click this link]


Alice said...

Thanks for blogging about our group - and for the comment on our site. You should definately set up your own project - your photographs are so beautiful - young people could learn a lot from you. It was easy to start up and I've really got so much from being involved with teenagers (my Alfie is only a baby still). Very best, Alice

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you! You always have great links. I'm in Canada, on the other side from Nova Scotia, but seeing their blog means so much to me. Many thanks!