Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Skunked......kinda like being 'Punked' by Ashton Kutcher but a whole lot smellier!

Yes, that is a Skunk that our dogs Lucy and Harley are fighting with......sadly it was a no-win-war, the Skunk lost his life and the dogs smell like Holy Hannah!

Yes, that is a SKUNK

....and yes, you may laugh at me and with me. At first I cried [actually was horrified at the scene] and then after a while [and the smell dissipated] I laughed. I've done a lot of laughing.....each time I wash one of them...apply the 'treatment'. I really laugh at them when I tuck them in to their beds in the garage at night [they are spoiled dogs who sleep in cozy bed's inside, so they are really feeling the wrath of the Skunk these last few nights]

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Kat said...

I feel really bad for the skunk. I miss my doggies, and I hate that there is snow on the ground.

Oh did I mention how it has been in the 70's the last few days..... be jealous!

Miss and Love you