Monday, October 01, 2007



Since this is Down syndrome Awareness Month, one of the things I am going to do is to share with you all in words and pictures, what life is like with Emma Sage [like that is not what my blog as not been all about! But for the next 31 days.........I am going to share a little bit more!]

Like everyone, Emma Sage has her own unique personality and perspective on life. I sit in awe, often, as I watch her going about living and loving life. She truly LOVES life. She wakes up most days with a smile on her face. She is quick to give a kiss to us all. She sometimes wakes up a bit grumpy, and even on those days, her compassion and giving spirit, usually over-rides her tired grumpy self.

I tried to think of one word to discribe her spirit.......of coarse I could not. So, I will pick words and images to share with you the many facets of Emma Sage.

Happiness.......this word is one that always shines through. She can take a cloudy day and make it sunny, she can take a simple activity and make it the most glorious activity ever. She can make you laugh and her infectous giggle.

Not only is Emma Sage happy, she radiates happiness and makes those of us around her happy too!

I thought these images captured on film perfectly what I was talking about. I took these yesterday at my sister's house at Gabriel's First Birthday Party.

Emma Sage and Rori [she is sitting off to the right of Emma Sage and I will include her, as her expressions were different than Emma Sage's as she was determined to blow a bubble and it was just not working for her...she is just a little bit over two]


Dipping the wand......

Beginning to laugh at me, because the bubbles were hitting my camera!
This is my most favorite of Emma Sage'-ism' you see that sweet chubby hand of hers going up to her mouth.....she does that everytime she cracks herself up...she giggles into her hand [what a little lady I have!]

and there you have it....'Pure Happiness'

"Remember that happiness is a way of travel — not a destination" ~Roy M. Goodman



Tricia said...

Every time I come to your blog I get happy. That's powerful.

Kat said...

Great pics!! I miss my Emmie-Boo.

Love you,<3

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, happy little one Emma Sage is! She just lights up in your photos!


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

She just has happiness all over her clothes...where do you get the great outfits she is always wearing?

~Melissa~ said...

She is just so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

emma sage always makes me happy. thanks for sharing.

i'm not a blogger and i am miles and miles away from most of you ds bloggers but i have marked emma sage in my favorites and never fail to visit her everyday because she (pictures and words) always makes me smile. and as tricia said, that's powerful.

- cheche (mommy of raphael, ds baby, 9months old, philippines)