Saturday, October 06, 2007

Get It Down ~ 31 for 21

Emma Sage has been ill for two days. She has what appears to be a stomach/intestinal bug.

Even though she is ill, she still tries to be such a trooper.

On Thursday, she was just starting to get sick. When I would ask her if she was OK, she would look at me with her sweet eyes and say "I'm OK Mom, don't worry"

But I'm a Momma, that is what Mommas do.....we worry.

In spite of her being under the weather, she still radiates her sweet, beautiful self.

At Greta's field hockey game she realized that I was taking pictures and video clips of Greta's game.....and my little model did what she does best ~ She popped in front of the camera.

I couldn't get mad at you can see by this pictures, she is just too darn precious! lol!

Can't you see in her eyes that she is not her 100% self.
What a ham-bone

Getting up close to make SURE Momma was taking her picture.
and Greta, whom I was trying to capture with the camera and Little Sis was getting a wee bit jealous that the camera was not focused on HER!!!!
Notice the boys in the background....I think it is so cool that boys take the stats for the girls games....when I was in school, you wouldn't find a boy anywhere near the girls sports teams.....times have changed and that is such a good thing!

Greta's team is 9-1 in the regular season and were undefeated in preseason.

So, I guess my post today is to just share how much we love and adore our little girl. How absolutely funny she is.....and how typical she is in her emotions and sibling rivalry.

and the last note.....

We had to run out to get Greta new shoes tonight and then made a stop at Targets to pick up a few things.

While at Targets we passed the Halloween section and Emma Sage has decided that she wanted to be a Witch for Halloween [which she is so excited about and asks me a few times a day how long before 'Trick or Treat']

We found a few different costumes and she showed them to Greta but told us that she wanted THIS Witch.....
So guess what Emma Sage is going to be for Halloween.

She KNEW exactly what she wanted and which costume she wanted [even though Greta and I had other ideas]

This little Witch is uniquely herself.....and we love her dearly.


Anonymous said...

I do hope little Emma Sage is feeling better very soon (((lots of hugs for Emma Sage)))

The photos of her are beautiful, such a beautiful little one you have! :)

We don't celebrate Halloween in Australia, but it's something I've always wanted to do! I'm sure Emma Sage will be the cutest little witch!! :)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Hope Emma is feeling better by now...but she is just so photogenic...sick or not. WTG Greta she looks like a great athlete out there...and I like it to the boys are there doing stats. Great idea.

Michelle said...

Awww - I hope she feels better soon! LOL on stealing into the photos! And Matthew is totally set on a Diego costume, know excatly what he wants also!
Emma Sage is going to be a beautiful witch!

Tricia said...

Hope she's feeling better!