Wednesday, August 15, 2007

She's a Super Freak

Every time we meet
She's all right, she's all right
That girl's all right with me, yeah
She's a super freak, super freak
She's super-freaky, yowSuper freak, super freak
She's a very special girl
The kind of girl you want to know.....
~Rick James Super Freak circa 1981
I know, not all the words apply to my sweet little girl, so I just highlighted the chorus that applied.
Emma Sage has an incredible vocabulary......she amazes me day in and day out with her use and understanding of words. [although sometimes her diction and clarity are hard to understand...her meaning and usage is right on]
So where does the song 'Super Freak' come in?
Last night we were at the mall returning Greta's IPod that we had gotten her for her Sweet Sixteen Birthday. We ordered it using Rick's American Express points, but sadly when it arrived, it had a weird 'can't sync -48 error'. We took it to my brother-in-law, Jim [who is a computer genius] and he was unable to figure it out. Last night was the first opportunity we had to get to the Apple Store at the mall. [we were in and out in a few is a nice thing to have cute, sweet girls with you in a store filled with men who quickly came to Greta's aid. Turns out she needed a new Ipod as there was a functional problem with the one she got as a gift.
At this mall there is a very large escalator.........which fascinates Emma Sage. She asked Greta and her friend Kristen to take her on the escalator...which they gladly did. Except, they got up ahead of Emma Sage and started going down......Emma Sage was trying to keep up, but got overwhelmed with the deep drop, people coming up behind her to get on and watching Greta and her friend slowly descend. She got on, got scared, jumped back and fell on her bottom....with her feet being swept by the stairs that were coming out the top on their way down.......
I ran over to rescue her.....and she just broke down....crying.
She stood at the top of the escalator sobbing. [enough to break this Momma's heart]
As soon as she saw Greta and Kristen coming back up to her....she wiped her tears and said "I'm sorry Greta, I freaked out"
We all laughed. Greta picked up Emma Sage to bring her down [as there was no convincing her that she could try again and Greta would hold her hand the whole time]
As they went down, Emma Sage gained the confidence to get down and stand on her own.
By the time they made it back up to me....she was all smiles.
Move forward to the end of our mall trip.
We are in Sears, and they have a smaller escalator.
Emma Sage turns to Katrina at this time and says
"Nini, you take me on the escalator, I won't freak out......I freaked out on Greta, but I won't freak out on you"
Awe...........she just melts my heart....and amazes me on her ability to express her emotions and actions.


ostertaga said...

Awwww..give her a hug and tell her we all freak out sometimes..even us big grown-ups!


Nicole said...

Too darn precious and smart!

And I LOVE seeing Amy here! Two of my favorite people. Gotta love blogging!

~Melissa~ said...

I'm a grown-up and I freak out on escalators.

She is just so sweet!

Trixie said...

I laughed out loud when I read "I freaked out."

What a pip!

What great big sisters!

Miranda said...

So funny!! I "freak" about escalators too!! They are just not natural!!

Kari said...

Those things still freak me out. Especially with T in his little stroller. That girl of yours is awsome!!