Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lonely in Loving A Star
A rising star needs time and space
To gleam, to glow and shine.
Let the world behold, adore, embrace
–Warm memories are mine.
Away from the lightI moved,So there might
Be more for the world to see.
Alone at night,I long for the brightStar who belonged to me.
Shimmering, shining,Your gilded glow isLuminescent and coruscating.
Remembering and pining here below,
My star will see me waiting.
Into the skies
A million eyes
Look to you for truth.
While I alone
Have truly known
The brilliance of your youth.
~ Nancysue Krenrich Hamm


Kari said...

OH TM that photo is priceless!!!

Shannon said...

What gift the Lord has given you! Gifts of a photographic eye and the perfect subject!