Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Country Fairs.....

What could be sweeter [or hotter] than a night at the State Fair. The New Jersey State Agucutrual Fair is now held at the Sussex County Fair grounds. A fair that my cousin's family has been participating in since it started many, many years ago.

We always go visit our cousins, Fred and Sandy and girls and see their cows they have entered....both in Four-H and General showing........what fun!!!

Here are a few pictures from our trip up Monday night.


Emma Sage and Sandy. My cousins' wife Sandy has to be one of the sweetest people I have ever known in my life. She is soft spoke and so gentle and kind. Here she is talking to Emma Sage about the littlest cow they had there [they had 21 total during the week]. Randi is only four months old. This goes not only for Emma Sage and her cousins, but Sandy talks to all who pass by and want to learn about the cows.........what a treasure for those going to the fair and not having the opportunity to really learn about farming and dairy operations.


Uncle Mikey and cousins, Ronan, Rori and baby Sadie. My brother Michael and Victoria stopped by on their way to the fair [and Michael parked his truck at our house as he was on his way home from work] and took Otto up earlier with them...since I was still working. Emma Sage and I traveld up together [she fell asleep in the car] so I was basically alone with my own thoughts and able to listen to my favorite radio station [that is something you basically give up when you have kids in the they claim the music controll! lol!!!]


Ronan and Emma Sage getting to pet Randi



Hanging out with cousin Aubry......she is so good with Emma Sage....and you can tell she adores her cousin!!!!


Randi turning to say 'Hello there Emma Sage'


Miss Rori....what amazing eyes you have there young lady!


My Mother would have loved this photograph.......

What fun!

My little getting so big.
Did you know 'Red-eye' does not work on cow's eyes! lol!

Hanging out on the pile of what do you do Miss Emma Sage, yes, you throw it!

Playing a game....and guess who won a goldfish. Yep, my little ping-pong throwing champ....must have been her practicing with the hay [actually it was straw]

Emma Sage and her prize....whom she named 'Goldie' and who lived for a total of five hours in his new bowl at home. He was one beat up fish, missing is tail and top fins [poor little fellow]
The end of our night.....getting ready to go home and filling up on cotton candy [In France, the name of this sweetmeat is "barbe à papa" or in english "the beard of daddy"] as one of my contacts on told me.

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Anonymous said...

I spent nearly every summer of my childhood at Sussex. Your pictures bring back so many memories! I was usually glued to the horse arena for most of the day though. Thanks!