Monday, June 18, 2007


You know that roller coaster I have been is still taking me for a ride, and let me tell you, it is one wild, crazy, exhilarating ride!

I have so many things to post about.....but alas, not enough time to get it done. I hope to catch up this is my main journal of our I need to capture as much in writing and pictures as I can.

Katrina graduated high school on Friday night.

It was such a beautiful night and we are so proud and excited for her as she begins a new chapter of her life.

Instead of heading to the Project Graduation and partying for the night.....we took her down to Cabrini College for the start of the 2007 Camp PALS.

We are so proud of Katrina's volunteer activities with PALS and Camp PALS. Her love for her little sister transcends from her family to her desire to work with other teenagers with Down syndrome.....a perfect example of inclusion.

This year there is a new feature of Camp they are maintaining a BLOG.

So, click on this link and you can read about the 2007 session of Camp PALS!

and here are a few pictures from graduation.

Katrina graduated with a 3.4 average. There were 48 other students with a 3.4.....over a 100 with a 3.7 or better and 88% of her graduating class [of 368] are heading off to college in the fall. What an amazing group of young people.

The Class of 2007

Katrina is in the second to the last row on the end.....and her Aunt Heidi is two rows ahead of her in a black robe wearing her major colors from college. My children have been blessed to have their Aunt as a teacher in their high school [great for Mom too as I have eyes and ears abound! wink~wink......the girls are very good girls and I really don't need 'eyes and ears'....but it is so much fun for them to have their Aunt around they are very close.

Emma Sage at the graduation....she was so excited. She kept saying "I'm so happy, cause Nini is so happy!"......and then she would clasp her hands as if in prayer and say "I hope Nini Wins!" she thought it was some kind of competitive event [like her watching her playing sports and such through the years!!

Otto and Michael [our cousin] watching the ceremony!


~Melissa~ said...

Congrats to Katrina, and how wonderful that she is doing such great volunteer work!

I love picturing Emma Sage clapping and saying "I hope she wins" - so cute!

Heather said...

Yay for Katrina. That is just awesome! You have some amazing children! Love the new blog look!

Marcie said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO KATRINA!!! Emma's comment made me laugh out loud. :)

Michelle said...

Hugs congrats to Katrina! And, what wonderful photos, as usual! BTW, your blog looks just wonderful!

mum2brady said...

Congratulations Katrina - that is wonderful!!!! She looks so grown up TM - I can't believe you have a high school graduate - you surely can't be old enough for that ;)

Emma Sage is beautiful, as always :)