Saturday, April 28, 2007

Firedog Across America

There is a wonderful contest being sponsored by FireDog Across America and Circuit City.....out of 5,000 submissions, 10 finalists have been chosen to win the grand it is time for all to vote.

We are big supporters of our local volunteer fire [and rescue] departments........I actually volunteer for our local rescue squad, and believe that our volunteer firefighters and rescue squads are one of the greatest unsung heros of our great nation.

But of coarse you know what is coming of the finalists is a submission by a Mother of a young man with Down syndrome. She writes about her local fire department, the Chickahominy Volunteer Fire Department Station 10 in Ashland, VA and how they have embraced her son and given him the greatest gift in the world.....a belief in him, as a human not judging him by his disability, but embracing him for his abilities.

So please, take a moment to read this essay and if you would, vote....

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