Monday, February 19, 2007



Life has been exactly like that of late.....a whirlwind.

With four active [very active] children and a hubby that travels non-stop as his job [Rick is in Costa Rica right now] I have to many times just stop and take a deep breath.

Presidents Weekend.....Friday through Monday. This is what we have done [and what I have not gotten done is a big part of the long list of 'To Do' things that I have been so desperately trying to get done.]

Friday the girls had a half-day. Otto had off, so that meant that I also had Abbie for the whole Ben and A.J.

We had a blast sleigh-riding [like lightening these children were racind down our field....the snow has a coating of ice over it, as we had freezing rain after the snow storm of last week and with fridged temperatures, it has not melted.

I ended up with three extra kiddos, as our neighbors came over to sleigh-ride and then have a nice warm lunch and hot chocolate.

Later afternoon, I headed out to Otto's basketball tournament, and they won!!!

After the game, the team and their families all went to Fudruckers for dinner and games.

Saturday brought morning errands and more sleigh-riding......then getting Greta off to her friends to get ready for a Sweet-Sixteen party [Katrina was working], Otto off to a friends for an afternoon of outside adventures and Emma Sage and I went to visit her friend Devany for a playdate. Thank goodness Katrina got off work at 9, as I was the designated driver for six girls to head out to a sleepover after the Sweet-Sixteen party. I got home after 1 a.m.

Sunday came and I actually got to sleep in till 9 a.m. Church and a quick stop at the grocery store....then off to take Otto to his cousin Mike's for sleigh-riding and four-wheeling......pick up Greta's friend Sara to join us for Aurthurs 8th Birthday party. Have lots of fun [a fleeting moment of thought to my very long list of 'To Do's' sitting at home waiting for me to have even a few moments to look at that darn list and cross a few items off [ha,ha, that is going to happen this weekend]. Drop off Sara, pick up Otto. Take a hot bath, head too dream land.

Monday morning, after the morning chores [you know, feeding five cats, three dogs, four kids] we headed out to the finals for Otto's basketball tournament. Greta, Emma Sage, Otto and I [Katrina was home sick with the flu].

What a game......they won 21 to 18. Otto scored 8 points and had an awesome game. Emma Sage loves to cheer for her brother and his team. We stopped for a quick lunch and went to Targets to pick up a few things that the children needed for school and such.

Got home and the phone rings.....dress everyone for sleigh-riding and head back out to take them to the park for an afternoon of fun with friends....I run home and pop a load of laundry in [yes, I got one load of laundry done this long weekend.....even though my 'To Do' list had many loads listed and a few closets to be cleaned out and items sent to the Top o'Barn Thrift shop [well, there is always next weekend!]

Dinner and a bath and a few minutes on line to write this post and upload a few pictures......and I must get to bed as six a.m. rolls around way to fast these days.

All in was a fabulous weekend.....and that 'To Do' list will go back on the refridgerator and maybe, just maybe one or two items will get checked off during the upcoming week.

I hope you all had a glorious weekend and that your 'To Do' list is as neglected as mine!!!!


Jessica said...

Wow!! What a busy weekend you had!! I would have gone crazy!

laura & ryan said...

Wow TM,
I'm dizzy just reading all that! Sounds like alot of fun though.
When is your man coming home? We have to make a date to hang out soon. It's been way too long!

L. Noelle said...

WHEW!!! I need to go take a nap now.