Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This little girl just loves to dance.....

Emma Sage has been dancing since she was 3......first at Ms. Denises studio and now at Broadway Bound.

Last week we were allowed to look through the two way mirror......and these are the images that I was able to catch of my sweet little dancer.....

Sweet little feet!

Mommy, can my kitty come to class?

This smile just melts my heart....
Waiting to put on her tap shoes....Emma Sage is really working hard on tieing her shoes....too cute.



She smiles from beginning to end....


May Always Dance Little Girl......May you Always Dance!


Nicole said...

I LOVE the pic of her smiling with the other little girl sitting in front of her. That is BEAUTIFUL!
Yes, may they always dance. Love you!

jennifer said...

There are a very few times when I wish I had a little girl in my life (we are all-boys, all-the-time at my house), and seeing Emma Sage in her tutu is one of them...

Thanks for sharing her.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is a MUST to blow up, frame and hang in every single dance studio!!! Love it!

I never thought I would do dance with Claire but seeing so many sweet girls in their tutu's makes me think I may need to after all!

So sweet!

Peggy & Claire

Tara Marie said...

Thank you Nicole~ Someday our girls will get the chance to dance together.

Jennifer....all boys! Ah, you have a very active [and frog-filled] life! I have one boy and he keeps me hopping [pun intended! ;)]

Peggy, if Miss Claire has that magic of music in her soul that Emma Sage and Tarenne have, you will have to get her dancing....as my little one dances all the time [in dance class and out!] I think this is one of the best inclusion experiences for ES....This school gets it and celebrates it [diversity and inclusion!]

Thanks for sharing in my joy.....

Marcie said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful. How do you choose which pictures to frame with so many great ones?

Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful photos. So adorable she is.