Monday, January 22, 2007

A Tea Party.....

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale." ~Hans Christian Anderson

Emma Sage had sent a Fairy Tea Party invitation to her friend Devany. The date was set for last Monday, but sadly, Devany was ill.

All week my little girl patiently waited till Saturday, till her friend would come over for tea!

Here are a few pictures of two little girls enjoying an afternoon spot of tea and friendship!

'Would you like a spot of tea my dear?'


Ah, the Joys of Friendship!


What a glorious day.....thank you Devany for coming over to play!


crygibb said...

What fun the girls look like they are having.

Jessica said...

How much fun! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

What fun. Miss E wants to come over for a tea party too!

Big hugs.

Tara Marie said...

Thank you all....and Rebecca, Emma Sage would love to have a tea party with Miss E someday too!

jennifer said...

Ahhh little girls...I love living vicariously. What a fabulous party!

Bennetts said...

That is so sweet!

Linda (Rick's cousin) said...

these will be memories that will last forever!
I have pictures of my sisters and I making cupcakes and then having a tea party and eating them in our old kitchen in Farmersville..
& the house is no longer there..
sas :( just torn down this week!

Tara Marie said...

Tea parties are magical!

Linda, I watched them tear it was serreal. It now seems so weird driving through there without the house right on the corner.

Hey, I was looking for Kelly on American Idol, did you see her?

Kari said...

Oh to be a sweet innocent young girl! I am so happy Emma Sages friend was able to make it. They sure had some yummy looking snacks :)

Anonymous said...

I had alot of fun with you at the tea party. Lets plan another play date. You can come to my house.
Call me.
Your friend,

p.s I love the pictures.