Thursday, January 11, 2007

Did you know?

Did you know I'm a Hip Momma?

Yup, I'm a Crazy Hip Momma, have been one for quite some time now. I actually have been a Hip Momma since the 80's, twice in 90's and once in the 2000', that is a long time of having babies. I wore my babies....back when people gave you weird looks, as you little one is snuggled in the sling [most likely those were weird looks!] Today, I'd join the ranks of all the stars who are wearing there babies....she it really is a Hip thing to do!!!

But if you asked my kids if they thought I was a Crazy Hip Momma, they might agree to Crazy, but Hip....well, you will most likely be greated with a good belly laugh.

I don't have a cell phone [this to my children makes me living amongst the dinosaurs and very un-hip]....but in actuality, I do own a cell phone, as I have a monthly bill to prove that point. But the cell phone has been commandeer'd by Greta, as her sports schedules, club activities and social calendar [would make even the busiest butterfly's head spin] calls it her own....and that makes perfect sense, as I'm always home [waiting for her call] to come pick her up at her next activity.

So I think that if I were to win the Crazy Hip Blog Momma's nifty, out-of-sight PINK Nintendo~DS Lite my kids just might not fall over laughing at the thought of their Momma being Hip....they would smile and say "That's my Crazy Hip Momma and you should see her play tetris!"

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FamilySnows said...

How fun, I join you in the distinct honor of being pregnant in the 80's, 90's, and 00's! I joked with OB during Elly's pregnancy about writing a book about the changes from the 80's, 90's, and today!! BTW, I enjoy Tetris too, and in the 80's this momma was a Centipede champ!! Did you ever play that one?