Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The stomach bug is still lurking [I've been Lysoling everything, but it seems to be making its rounds, as Katrina and Otto seem to be the hardest hit. Greta & Rick have escaped its grips so far, and I had a small battle and really up'd my vitamin C and I was feeling much better within 12 hours] But it is running rampent at the schools, so the kids are exposed all day long.

But never-the-less, today was such a beautiful day.

The sun was shinning so warmly on a very brisk day. We got to play outside and got lots of fresh air in our lungs. Then off to dance class.

These were the moments that made me just sigh.....Emma Sage loves dancing class.....she gets so giggly and excited as we get dressed and do her hair. She has some sweet little friends in class and they are always so happy to see Emma Sage in the studio.

I get to peek through a crack [actually it is the little hole where the thread for the binds gets fed through] but it is enough that if I find the right position hole, I can get a perfect view of the dancers. Emma Sage listens so well and follows her teacher exactly. She is just so precious in line doing her positions and when it comes time to tap....she is smiling from ear-to-ear the whole time. In class there are two little girls, Claire and Sara that always want to stand on either side of Emma Sage...........these simple actions of these little girls just make my heart soar!

When we got home, we worked on school work, until Abbie got home and then we had a Christmas Caroling sing-a-long....What fun!

Greta got to go trail riding today and Otto is busy learning plays for his first basketball game on Saturday.

But the most exciting news of our day is........

Katrina received her first two acceptance letters for College!!!!

She heard from California University of PA and Bloomsburg. Both schools that have outstanding special education/education programs, and California University has a wonderful SLP [Speech Language Pathology] program.

She is quite excited, but she is eagerly awaiting on her first choice school, which she applied for Early Decision. Her heart is set on Flagler College and she will hear on December 15th for Early Decision. If she is accepted, Flagler is where she will attending.

The other colleges she applied to have rolling admissions and you have to let them know by May 1st. With Flagler, if accepted, she has to accept and provide a down-payment on January 5th.

She has been working hard and saving her money. We are so proud of her.

Emma Sage, her sweet little sister has been her inspiration and roll model. Her decision to major in education and specialize in speech and langauge stems from her relationship with her sister and her volunteering with PALS [which she is now the National President of for 2006-2007].

When I hear people worry about the impact of a sibling with T21 on their other children, I want to shout out......."Don't worry, the impact will most likely be so positive that your heart will pause with wonder and delight!"

So,,,,today was such a beautiful day.....and I give thanks.


Laura & Ryan said...

Way to go Katrina! And way to go ES! Hope you are all on the mend. Can't wait to get together again real soon! Love all the pictures!


aunt jan said...

Way to Go!!!!! Katrina. My fingers are crossed for Flagler. Let us know. Hope everyone is up to par soon.
LYL Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about Katrina. I can also just see you peeking in on Emma Sage. So sorry everyone is still fighting the flu, we are still doing so here as well.

Katie Ricks said...

Flagler is a wonderful school in a beautiful city. I wanted to go to Flagler so badly but I wanted to major in music and they didn't have a music program. My mother grew up in St. Augustine we live only about 20 miles from there. Good luck!!!! What a suprise it would be to be walking down the street one day and see that joy Emma Sage!