Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This child......

This child just cracks me up......and when she isn't making me laugh, she is making me sigh with delight at how sweet and kind she is.

We were at the Field Hockey Banquet last night. Upon entering to check-in, Emma Sage says to Pat Stark [the Mother at the door]....."I have a tatoo on my back!"

To which Pat looks a bit surprised and says "You do?"

to which Emma Sage replies "YES and it is beautiful!"


Her other big thing these days is to say "Hello Sweetheart" to everyone she meets. She sure does brighten your day!

We have been so busy with the day-to-day routines, on top of enjoying the preperations, music and baking of the season. Emma Sage is so excited about Christmas this year. She fully understands the concept of Santa Clause and presents and writes and re-writes her list for him everyday. She has also shown a bit of materialism when at the store by pointing to everything she see's and asking for it....to which I reply that she needs to add it to her list and ask Santa Clause, but he only brings 3 presents. "Three presents....Oh WOW!" is how she happily responds!

I hope your days are Merry and Bright.

Oh, and I participated in an ornament exchange and will post pictures soon. I just got my package in the mail and feel bad that mine is a few days late.


crygibb said...

How cute...my nephew just turned 7, and he has downs also, and he greets everyone by saying "Hi Honey" He also says "ok honey", and "bye honey". Just makes me laugh..and i tell you..it does brighten your day.

scribbit said...

Emma sounds like a sweetheart, one who makes people happier. So what does that tattoo say? :)