Friday, December 01, 2006

"The Ring"

Emma Sage has a favorite new song.

A few weeks ago, we were pleasantly surprised to open our National Geographic for Kids to find an article by a young woman with Down syndrome, titled "I Have Down Syndrome"

Then we got an invitation in the mail from the National Down syndrome Society to attend a CD signing for a new release by a young woman with Down syndrome [and lo-and-behold, it is the same beautiful young woman from the article] at Simon Pearce in New York City.

Simon Pearce is a renowned glass and pottery artist and has retail stores and a resturant......he also has a handsome son who happens to be sporting and extra chromosome on his 21st pair....not to mention, he is originally from County Cork, Ireland, the same place my dear, beloved Mother was from.

So it was destiny for us......Emma Sage just adores this song and already knows all the words and sings along to the clip we play on the computer.....and we all love New York City, especially during the Holiday Season, so we are heading into New York on Thursday for the signing and then stopping to see the tree, watch the ice skaters and have dinner. It will just be Greta, Emma Sage and I, as Katrina has to work and Otto has basketball [which Daddy will have to take him too!]

I checked the weather and it will be sunny and clear, but much colder than the [can you believe it,,,,,67 degree weather] we had today!

You can listen to the song here........

and here are the words of my little girls newest favorite song!

The Ring
Words by Melissa Riggio
Music by Rachel Fuller

I'm in the Ring outside
I'm following my belief
I'm looking at the sky
I saw God following my heart
I'm an ordinary woman

The Ring is falling down my way
The wind is blowing me away
The Ring is falling down, down my way
The wind is blowing me away

And so I came back to
The center of the Ring
Am I just a broken angel?
God has sent me here to heal
To be an ordinary woman

Rachel Fuller - piano, vocals, backing vocals, keyboard
Stuart Ross - bass guitar
Jolyon Dixon - acoustic guitar
Jodie Hawkes - drums

Producer - Rachel Fuller
Engineered and Mixed - Myles Clarke
Mastering - Jon Astley
Executive Producer - Pete Townshend

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