Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Video's on YoUTube

I followed a link from the DSListsrv regarding a video made by a member in Brazil. After watching the bautiful video, I clicked on the list of 'similar' videos and found one that included Miss Emma Sage [and yes, I did give consent to the user to use her image from my account, I just hadn't yet seen the video]

So here it is.....

and here is the video from our friends in Brazil called Momentos.

and then I found this wonderful clip......

Night Train

Of coarse if you roam though YoUtube, you do come across clips by very immature and stupid people [I just ingnore the stupidity]......but, then again, you can find some gems like the ones above, especially the one of Adam and Connor setting up and playing a musical set of Night Train! The hug at the end just melted my heart

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Michelle said...

I can't get the videos to play- they aren't showing up at all :(