Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Teddy Bear Walk.....

A beary nice walk

Teddy Bear Picnic
Cherry Carl
I went for a walk in the woods one day,
And I met some nice folks on my way.
They were having a picnic that bears adore,
With berries and buns and goodies galore,
Jams and jellies and strawberry pies,
And a chocolate cake that was just the right size.
When I went for a walk in the woods that day,
I asked those folks if I could stay,
To taste those things that looked so yummy
And help to fill my empty tummy.
But when I spoke, to my dismay,
I scared those friendly folks away!
Even though I didn't ask it . . .
They left behind their picnic basket!
Now, what’s a hungry bear to do
But take a great big bite or two?
I sat right down and began to eat,
And oh my goodness, what a treat!
Before you go for a walk in the woods,
Be sure to pack a picnic basket!
Cherry Carl, 2005

Playing bears in the orchard

Last warm days of fall....

Today was such a beautiful fall day....we went for a walk in the orchard and met some Teddy Bears along the way. The above poem is a school project that we are working on this week. If you are interested in the lesson plan, just click on this Teddy Bear! [This is a lesson plan that Mommy helps Emma Sage with, but the focus for me is for her to listen closely to the story and try and remember as much detail as going out for a walk with your Teddy Bears is just too much fun!!!]


Rebecca said...

Oh sweet girl, sometimes your expressions are so close to Miss E's that I just want to reach through the screen and give you a million kisses.

Thinking of you Tm...hope your week is winding down peacefully.

Jeanne said...

I love Teddy Bears.
How sweet and precious indeed.
Long Live Teddy Bears and your sweet times with your beloved Family.
Love Jeanne

Miranda said...

Oh i love that story!! Shaylee loves the song about the Teddy Bear picnic on her Jerry Garcia kids CD. Emma Sage looks so content with er bears in the orchard.

You should open up a bed and breakfast, all your surrounds are so peacful and relaxing. I would pay to have a teddy bear picnic in the orchard, lol!

Shelley said...

What a great idea - I'm going to go and check out those lesson plans too - Hannah is not at Miss Emma's stage yet but she just loves teddy bears - we often end up singing "Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around" and using her bear puppet for some of the actions. The photoes as always are beautiful - they just look so idyllic.

mum2brady said...

Love the pictures! Sooo fun to go on a walk and do school :) Looks like you guys had a great time!