Friday, November 03, 2006

Less is More Christmas Club

The Less is More Christmas Club........yup, I am a member! Well not exactly, as the club is not really an 'offical' club, but I found the ideas by "Momma says...." to be eaxactly what I have been trying to focus our Christmas for my family.

There are eight weeks till Christmas. I have vowed to make all of my gifts for my family and friends this year [so you know what I've been busy planning....and doing], and I am organizing myself so that I can just celebrate the season as opposed to running ragged trying to get everything done.

Our focus this year will be cookies and fudge.

The main reason[s] is that it is fun. It is something I did with my Mother my whole childhood. We baked and we baked.....and decorated and decorated. It was such a huge part of my own childhood and a tradition that I have been passing on to my own children. Though sadly, over the last few years, we quickly try to bake our treats, but in the rush, we have been missing that all too important time of creating a fun memory [as oppossed to a chore that needs to get done] this year it will be different, as the cookies and fudge will be the focus of our gift giving, so the gifts will be made slowly and with love and attention.

The Fudge.....My Mom made the best fudge in the whole world [and I have sampled lots of fudge through the years] and she truly did! So I will try to create the same magical and incredible fudge of my Mom's.

So today, I savor the up coming 8 create a holiday season of love, to share and celebrate.


Sean Carter said...

I love fudge... U could see me drooling over them anytime of the year... Great blog too.. Really like your holiday spirit... Peep into my Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas

Miranda said...

Sign me up for that "club"!!!! I like the holidays, but can be a little grinchy when i'm too frazzled about who gets what. I just want to enjoy Christmas this year.