Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WonderTime...... a magazine that I love.....I love it so much so that I subscribe to it. This is a big step for me, as I don't subscribe to many magazines.

Actually, I subscribe to only three magazines. Marth Stewart. I love Martha Stewart and have had every issue and just recently just recycled them, using her online site for searching for things in the past that I read about and want to recall. My Mother has given me my subscriptions for Martha as my Birthday present for so many years now. It saddens me greatly to realize that my monthly gift will soon come to an end. Of coarse I'll subscribe myself, but my Momma just loved giving this subscription as a gift.

We subscribe to National Geographic.

I used to subscribe to Mothering, but I just now read my sisters copy when she is done with hers.

But the whole point of this ramble is WonderTime.

I just adore this publication. It is so 'me' and filled with so many incredible ideas and parenting thoughts.

Here is a link to a fun create and play printables for October. Emma Sage just adores cutting [yes, I am so afraid that one of these days she will cut her long braids] but I remind her daily "Don't cut your hair" and she always tells me "No Mom, I no Cut my Hair". I also remember to keep the scissors up high and out of sight. [Yes, I don't trust her! lol!]

Anyway....if you are thinking about an idea for a gift from someone, I would suggest a subscription to WonderTime [that is if you have children.......if not, Martha Stewart is a perfect gift subscription [and it would make my Momma happy to know that others are following in her footsteps of giving a gift that gives you something special each month of the year!]


Miranda said...

I Love the Wondertime magazine. My mom got me a subscription. I also love Martha Stewart Living. I'm Working on all my Halloween Projects from that magazine. I love the everyday food mag too.

Michelle said...

I love WonderTime too! I have a subscription to Family Fun and one month there was an offer for a free trial of WonderTime. I got my free magazine and was immediately hooked; and I subscribed right away!

jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip--I love Martha, too! And if you love Wondertime, I am sure I will, too. I just subscribed.