Sunday, October 22, 2006



Over the coarse of the last three and a-half weeks, so many thoughts and memories have flooded my mind. A whirl-wind of emotions.

I tried to think of one word to describe my Mother. There are so, so many words that could be used to describe her spirit and beautiful aura. My mother was beautiful, both inside and out. She was the most nurturing and giving person I have ever met......and she inspired me to always be and do my best.

As family and friends traveled from across the oceans and across the many miles of her home in America....the word Welcoming came to mind.

As we sat at the Memorial Service given in her honour at the Hunterdon Medical Center last week,,,,,,a room filled to standing room only, and a very crowed Standing room only. From the CEO of the hospital to the staff of housekeeping....every person there knew and loved my Mothers spirit.....her Welcoming nature and ways.

Welcome. The Claudaugh door knocker on my own front door was a gift to me from my Mother....her way of transfering her Welcoming Soul to my home....a reminder that the door is always open for family and friends.

The sign above my porch door, a gift to me from my Mother, is craved with the words "Enter With a Happy Heart"...........another reminder of the Welcoming Spirit of my Mother.

My whole life was filled with family and friends in our home......everyone Welcomed.....everyone made to feel belong.

Friends of mine growing up, would always comment on the joy and friendship that radiated from the woman and men gathered at the kitchen table...while my Mother made tea and offered treats.

If a person had no place to go for the holidays [many of the workers my Mother knew from her daily rounds at the hospital, delivering and picking up the Mother knew and cared about every person that work at that hospital over the last 27 years]........if they had no place to go....they were Welcomed in her home or our homes. There was always room and fellowship available and offered to others.....Everyone was always WELCOMED.

At the visitation for my Mother.....many, many women came up to me and echoed the same thing.....

"Your Mother had lots of friends.....BUT she was MY BEST FRIEND"........

and I would smile, because I knew exactly what they Mother was a dear friend to many and she was also MY BEST FRIEND too!

Yesterday I had breakfast with my Mother. I had to drop Greta off early for the PSATs and I grabbed a coffee and muffin and headed to the graveyard. It was a beautiful clear and crisp....the leaves of the trees in full color. It was comforting to sit there in the early morning........a place that may seem sad to others, but to is one of the most WELCOMING places, as my Mother is laid to rest there.....and she was the most WELCOMING person I have ever known.


Laura & Ryan said...

That was the most beautiful and loving tribute I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your amazing mother with us, she surely passed down that welcoming gene to you my friend. As I sit here wiping away the tears I need to tell you that We love you,

Princess Morgan said...

What a truly beautiful tribute to your mother. Thank you for sharing. I have never met your family in person but you have touched our lives in such a huge way. Your mother has passed on such wonderful traits to you. I loved reading all about your her Irish roots. Our little Morgan was born on St. Patrick's Day. Our lucky charm. May your heart heal quickly.- Robin

Michelle said...

what a beautiful post Tara Marie!

Debbie (Binny's Mom) said...

TM, I loved looking at the picures of your dear mother; I only wish I had been able to slow them down because I love to see the family was so telling that in almost all the photos your mom was surrounded by family and friends and also that she was so often holding the are lucky that you have so many images of your mother throughout the year and that you have the talent with words and pictures to pay tribute to your mother. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Tara Marie,

This montage is such an amazing tribute your mother. The songs just perfect, the photos so engaging. Your mother was quite adventurer—swimmer, ball player, explorer, it looks as if she had a very complete life—just the kind of life anyone would hope to have.

Although the photos are not three dimensional, it is easy to feel her sheer beauty emanating through.

This was a lovely idea. Thank you so much for sharing.

Much love

Amy said...

What a beautiful tribute to your loving mama.


Patti said...

I'm sitting here like a faucet Tara. Hit me real hard again. I loved the music. I miss her so very very much. I hurts so bad. I love you.